Cheers....Two New Friends

Yesterday was the annual Huntington Lighthouse Music Festival and with the lighthouse just off our beach, we have great seats for the show.   The morning was gorgeous and Jackson and I walked as volunteers shuttled the band's and their equipment out to the lighthouse.  We arrived a bit late and missed Ramses so Jackson began staring at me as if to say "Uh, where are all the dogs?"  Every once in a while, when there are no  dogs at the beach, he will look at me and let out a pathetic cry, "You slept too long and now we missed my friends!" This always cracks me up because its really hard to be sympathetic when I know he lives an utterly spoiled dogs life. Boo-hoo.  He is on the beach, off a leash; he can swim, run, sniff and because there are no dogs there all of these normally exciting dog activities are just not enough for him.  Has he heard of puppy mills and animal shelters?  So, he wandered around looking bored and disappointed for awhile while I watched the activity unfold out at the lighthouse.

Then, just as Jackson had lost all hope in life, up walks Mookie and Cooper.  A Golden Retriever and a Yellow Lab who, as it turns out, just moved into the neighborhood. Eureka! Jackson is a big, 100 lb baby.  He has not a shred of aggression in him.  He will back down from any confrontation - guaranteed.  Alpha dog=not Jackson.  So, on his home turf, he cautiously, gingerly but amicably approached.  Cooper and Mookie were nice in return and the rest is history as they say.

Jackson's new friends are from Brooklyn and it showed when they got to the water.  The ran in as if they had just spent a long time in the desert.  They all swam and frolicked in the sand and poor Jackson's dog-less morning ended like most others do - exhausted, covered in sand and salt water and hungry for breakfast.
Mookie, Cooper & Spoiled Dog

Setting up on the lighthouse