Marc, my boyfriend, is a fisherman.  Earlier this summer, he started taking Jackson with him for quick fishing trips down to the beach in the evening - just for a half hour or so.  Pardon the pun, but the dog was instantly hooked.  He patiently stands next to him in the water waiting for a fish and when he catches one he cautiously smells them, maybe paws at it before it goes back into the water. 

So today I laughed when I saw him in the middle of playing with Sandy (Golden Retriever), Ramses (his best friend, Greyhound) and Holly (mutt with a crush on Jackson) stop in his tracks and run straight to the water when he heard fish jumping in the water.  He stood in a couple of inches of water and just watched them for a few minutes before returning to his buds.  Daddy would be so proud. 
The Fisherman
Jackson & Sandy