Latest DIY Projects

I've been trying to complete a minor renovation of my stairway/hallway for what seems like forever.

The walls were a dark tan (almost brown) that I used to like but came to despise.  So much so that I forgot to take their "before" picture.

Same story on the carpet which is long overdue for its date with the trash thanks in part to my big brown dog...

Initially, I purchased a sample of Benjamin Seapearl and was all set on using this for the walls.  But I kept having this annoying feeling late at night that this was not the off-white I was looking for.  Seapearl, on the color chart, was my color. But on the wall it was too light.  I get sold on the color names sometimes and have to be careful.  Aware of this, I went back to the drawing board and painted the walls Benjamin Moore Balboa Mist & trim Benjamin Moore Simply White.  Balboa Mist is a really crisp, cool toned off-white. I did not want any warm, golden or tan coloring.  A bit grey, a bit taupe but off-white nonetheless.  I was really happy with my color choices and they really cheered things up instantly.

Next step was a wall display going up the staircase.  This was a lot of work but paid off nicely.  I had several white frames already, purchased some black ones (Michael's had a 40% off sale on frames) and added in some other elements - mirror, painting etc. that I had in the house already.  Before hanging, I placed everything on the floor and played with the arrangement.  I decided the display needed something else though.  A little more character and fun.  So I made this sign...
Driftwood plank, a favorite quote, watered down white paint, rag, black paint, paint brush. 

And the finished project...

I did not have curtains on the window previously.  My splurge for this project were the curtains. From Pottery Barn - white cotton tie top panels (about $90 on sale) and a curtain rod from Home Depot.  Martha Stewart's brand has some nice rod and finial sets at a fraction of the price of the previously mentioned store.  They really gave such a light and airy feel to the space.  I cant wait to see them blowing in the salty breeze next summer.

Flooring is next and final step.  And it must be done on a budget.  I am heading out today for some more samples and quotes. I will post my finds and pics of the finished project soon.

P.S. I was lucky enough to find this wonderful old oar washed up on the beach recently.  The wood on the shaft is weathered and grey and the paddle has an old faded blue paint that is perfectly chipped off.  I just waxed it with XXX Steel Wool & Briwax Liming Wax which added a nice whitewash, satin finish to the old dry wood.  I am definitely going to incorporate this into this room somehow.