Spring Mantle

With tulips and daffodils in full bloom, spring arrived early and my winter laden fireplace mantle was in dire need of its own season change-and it had to be a budget conscious one.

Inspired by some white tulips I saw while at Home Depot for lawn fertilizer, I picked up a can of Rustoleum Heirloom White spray paint and painted some objects I had in the basement & garage that were lying around gathering dust.  A dark blue birdhouse. A little cabinet with screen doors that was hand-painted multiple different colors and patterns. And a pretty hideous dark brown wood mirror.
I had the white glazed pots and mini-terrarium.  I scavenged some forsythia, creeping buttercups,mossy tree bark and vines. I made a small vine wreath and birds nest.  Gathered some eggs,chicks, birds and rabbits from around the house and....

My pride & joy of this project is this mirror...because it was so downright ugly.  I forgot to take a picture of it before but it really transformed once I hung the wreath with a pretty white ribbon from it.

Spray Paint $4
Total cost for the entire mantle: $16!!