Last Day of Summer

On the last day of summer, I took a quick boat ride across Huntington Harbor to photograph a place called Puppy's Cove.  

This little trip had been on my  List of Things I Would Like To Do This Summer.  The late summer sun high in the afternoon sky provided great lighting to an already beautiful display of nature: lots of birdlife, fish & flowers everywhere.
Bee's & Goldenrod

Flower/weed...not sure of its name

White Egrets
Everything is still lush green but the yellow tips of the sea grasses are always a sure sign that Fall is in the air.  

What I really want to photograph is the Lefferts-Van Wyck Tidal Mill which is situated at the end of the cove on a narrow strip of land that separates Huntington Harbor from the tidal pond beyond it.  

I've admired its old, weathered grey walls from the boat many times and always wanted to hop off and get a closer look, today was my day.