Giving Thanks

About a month ago, a very good friend had been working on organizing a corporate event.  The theme was incorporating happiness into your life.  There were gift bags given to the attendees with various items intended to promote happiness in one's life: instructions on how to effectively and efficiently meditate, a paperback titled "14,000 Things To Be Happy About", organic chocolate.  After the event, there were extra bags and she gave me one.  One of the items was a small orange book meant to be used daily to jot down things that you are grateful for. I decided to use it.  
That said, I am not a forwarder of emails that will bring me good fortune or something tragic will happen.  Nor am I a self-help enthusiast.  My husband read "The Secret" and I shunned him, he bought me my own copy and it collects dust on the shelf.  But I must say that adopting an attitude of gratefulness has undoubtedly bettered my life.  The more grateful I have become the more things to be grateful for appear in my life.  Life is so fleeting. There is no time to be anything but grateful.
Among many other things, I am thankful for this friend, thankful for this holiday to gather with my family and relax (after I am done cooking).