March Beach Walk

A walk along the beach never requires good reason or a destination but today's just happened to be...seals.  It's the right time of year to see them here on Long Island and this morning's tide was perfect.  But the seals must have been off swimming, fishing or lounging on rocks off some other beach because they were not here.  Its about a 2 mile walk to get to them but with so much  beauty along the way, disappointment was as absent as the seals today.

Buoys on Driftwood

A path to the beach

A lone, simple shell

Beach dog, tracking deer prints on the beach...thus the sand on his nose


Conch Shell
Ruining my shot!

Seaside horses

Where the seals should have been, instead we found...

a lone Seagull and...

...a pair of Brandt ducks

Jingle shells

Crazy dog, swimming in March!

A purple sea urchin...1st time I have seen any sea urchin on Long Island

Favorite driftwood of the day, love the rock embedded in the wood.