Memorial Day

In villages, towns, and city's all across America today we are honoring all those who have lost their lives to keep  Americans free.
Growing up in the small Village of Northport, N.Y. My brothers and I would run down to the Main Street and wait along the curb for the start of the parade.9:30 sharp! My mother would dress us in patriotic color's. The parade  was always led by Dr. Fredricks a local vetrinarian, riding atop his trusty steed. A palamino whose mane was braided with red, white. & blue carnations. He wore a red riding coat and shiny black riding boots.Down Main Street toward the harbor he would ride flanked by hunting dogs his head up blowing his horn.
The local high school band...the best in all the land would follow, boy scouts, girl scouts...firemen driving vintage trucks. We would look for my older brother with his cub scout troop and my sister who played the Glockenspiel in the marching band .
The Lewis Oliver Dairy would have a tractor pulling a flatbed filled with hay and farm animals whom we all knew by name.
Then the veteran's would march by and some who could not walk would ride in convertibles all gleaming and waxed to perfection. I still can see the shiny chrome reflecting in the sun.
Young soldiers with their rifles perched upon their shoulders would pass by and I remember feeling amazed that real United States soldiers were right before me.
After it was barbecues and back yard games.
Today we would like to thank all of the men and woman who have kept this country safe.... and who continue to do so every minute of everyday. To my Uncles, John, Ken , Bob, Dave, and Frank my father in law Harold all who  were all part of the greatest generation .Thank you for your service to our Country.
Happy Memorial Day !